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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs Niddrie

The number one go-to for ducted cooling, appliance repairs and split system installation in Niddrie is MCR Air Conditioning. As the local provider of heating and cooling systems that Niddrie residents know and trust, we’ve got a proven 10 years of expertise in keeping your house as comfortable as can be.

Our installations come with home service and free consultation and quoting prior to job completion, meaning you can get the best service in town without even leaving the house. We’re also available seven days a week in case of any appliance failures, so you can count on us keeping your fridge frosty and your dryer spinning.


Ducted air conditioning for Niddrie homes

If your primary need is to effectively cool an entire house, especially if it’s a family home, then ducted air conditioning is definitely the better option for you. It gives you complete control over the temperature, allowing you to efficiently control exactly which rooms need cooling, and not wasting power cooling unoccupied rooms. Installing ducted air conditioning in Niddrie is one of our specialities here at MCR. Our installation process is hassle-free, with our qualified staff taking extra care to ensure that your system is right for your home and in the ideal position. You’ll then be the proud owner of a new ducted system that keeps your home comfortable throughout the year.

Niddrie split system installation & repairs

MCR know the value of a good split system installation. If used correctly, the right air conditioning equipment in the right home can save a sizeable amount off their power bill. That’s why MCR takes the time to speak with you prior to setting up your new system. Our installations come with free quotation and consultation prior to the job – meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to get the best split system installation Niddrie has to offer. We’ll visit your home, get a feel for the floor plan and living areas in your home, then perform a split system installation that aims to keep your house as warm or cool as needed so you can live in comfort all year round.
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Choose MCR for your home appliance repairs

Here at MCR, w have a history of over 10 years in providing reliable heating and cooling repairs Niddrie wide. From split system repairs Niddrie-wide to fine tuning your faulty appliances, we’ve seen it all – and we know the ins and outs of most appliances and air conditioners in the market. We’ve saved people thousands of dollars in replacement costs through appliance repairs, simply by fixing one or two problems with the right equipment. So if you’re struggling with faulty freezers, damaged dryers or need split system repairs in a pinch, give us a call. We also work seven days a week, so don’t hesitate to call up MCR on a weekend – we’re here to help. Give us a call today!

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